Trust, Faith, and Hope in the Lord. He will set you free!
As the topic at top says how can I...and the icon you see next to my posting that I have posted is a question mark icon next to it. Just simple questioning on my part on how can I sit here and say the things that I am hoping most people want to here and yet that could help them to break free from their addction or yet what ever the case may be. I will try to make this post as clear as I can. Sometimes my posts don't always turn out that way but you know that is ok because this is away for me to help me to figer out what I am going to do and also hope that others can take a lot from this sight or yet one of my posts that I posted.

I am glad that as I type this it get's saved because I clicked on something and I had to re open my webpage up. Anyway back to were I was heading. Why I have the icon of ? and How can I...well let me sit here and try to explain to you what my thoughts are on that.

How can I sit here and tell people how to get past their addction or what worked for me could work for them. Or that they should turn to God and allow God to help you get threw what you need to get threw. Were God is there for you..He will get you threw anything. When you feel tempted flee from what is tempted you and run to God. How can I say all that and other things when I lack in doing so.

How can I say talk to God, spend time in the bible when truble times come knocking at your door even before they come knocken will take everything away when I don't do it...but I can tell you from reading storys and hearing storys how God can make things well  means He CAN. Why am I not hearing my own words when I speak.

Why am I having such a hard time in doing so my self. To me I guess it is easyer to speak then lissioning to my own self.

That is why I question my own actions how can I help or say things when I don't even take in what I say. Would that classified me as? I know I have asked or posted that I would like help on FB or yet on here but I come empty handed.
Does it classifies me as being selfish? Is it all about me post? How can it be when I have been giving and not getting anything back. Am I at the point who gives a damn and just let it lay were it lays.

Oh how can I sit here and post new things on my website when I don't even take it in....
How can I do that when I had fallen just few days a go and hadn't even repent for my action.

I told someone about a Cocoon(me) and a Butterfly (me)..were I was fly ing free. When I am still struggling? Do I have the rights to tell that story? Yes and NO but I don't know. One day maybe I will share that little story for you to know and understand.

How can I end this post and say hold on to God, keep fighting the good fight. when I don't even do that my self.


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