Trust, Faith, and Hope in the Lord. He will set you free!
If you have some
one who you can trust and wont past judgment CAN help you get threw your addction. It is hard fight but we can never do this alone. I know I am greatful that I have a friend/Christian councler who has seen me threw my addction. Who has prayed for me and yet been there even when I had failed, and that makes a difference for me.
I know right now I feel that I can M right now but I choose to come here and wright to my self or yet for others who are going threw the same fight as I am.

I have spoken to another person(s) about my addction but didn't get in to details with it as like I had with my friend. I know they are praying for me and that makes a big difference in my recovery. But it is a risk in telling someone because they can use it agents you and can hurt you in your recovery. I been blest that God sent me to someone who I can trust.

I know praying, reading Gods word, and being around people who is a positive for your life can help and I know I need to do that more. But few things do set me back in that but I cant allow that to stop me from taking each step I try to walk like how Christ see's me to do. Yet putting Christ first is hard thing for me to do.

Each day I don't view or M is a good day and victory under my belt.

We are God's child no matter what I know he lvoes


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