Trust, Faith, and Hope in the Lord. He will set you free!
Wondering what I failed in...I failed in walking closer to God, reading the bible ect... I keep saying that I am going to do this and do that but I just end up falling. I know it is importent that I do read my bible, pray, spend time in Gods word so I can renew my mind to help me get threw my addction. I don't recall when I viewed porn but I can say it has been a long wile. Yes that is pat on the back for me but what I fail on is my adcction to masterbation. It still lingers in side of me and comes running across my mind,plays with my heart. with that then i just want to masterbait then Iknow it is all over with but like I said and yet read in some info it just helps a split second then it just starts all over again. Its like a drug addcit looking for a next fix.

Things can throw people of their freedom path, but we know witch way to turn to God when we fall however sometimes we just fall and go the other way. I know some days it is easyer to turn to satan and say here have do with me. By doing so it just turns ones life up side down.

I know I need to flee to God not to satan as God promise's that one day we or I will be free but when I am not sure all I know I need to trust.

So with that today after this wright up I am steping forward and keeping my mind on him.


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