Trust, Faith, and Hope in the Lord. He will set you free!
It's been few days since my last post. It's been cray last little wile trying to figure out what I need to do. I have thought and still do think do people really care and are they out just for them selfs. Were that people are asking for help but nothing is done. But you know what that is ok because there is one person who would never let me down is Jesus. He has been there even when my heart and eyes were closed to that idea. When I do that, I always fall in a hole. What I need to be doing is keep my eyes on God as he will fix anything that I bring forward to him.

Anyway I went talked to my pastor and I am doing a bible study on my own so fare it has been easy. I have been reading a book so my mind is on what I have been doing and not on my addiction.


07/20/2013 12:55pm

How is the not not thinking of the addiction going?

08/02/2013 10:17pm

I am no longer part of DGM. I am no longer going to post anything I am going to take this website off


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