Trust, Faith, and Hope in the Lord. He will set you free!
Things are going to be ok....why because nothing can stand in our way if we allow it to take us down. Sometimes it is easier to stay on the ground but it doesn't help get ride of what got us down in the first
place. We have a choice to stay on the ground or reach up and grab on to God's hands and allow Him to guide our way out and take down what got us to the ground in the first place.

With that I ask you what is your choice...stay on the ground and let the nothing come and make you feel more junky. Or reach for Gods hand to help you up and to guide your way out.

The last few posts have been little bummer that is because the last few days its been little crazy trying to figure out what is needed to be done. I have to get back on track in putting my needs first before anyone else. I know for me that seems to be little harsh for me to say that because I have been putting peoples needs first before mine. If I do that I forget about my own recovery and I wont be able to help others.

I already mucked things up but I will do it after I post my blog. I am going to read my bible, pray in witch that is hard for me to do, and read a devotion.  Someone emailed me Good Habits and for one of the examples would be.
1.  When early mornings are "weak times" we make sure that we always jump out of bed, go wash up, put on some clothing and go do our devotionals. After doing that every day for about 3 weeks, it will be so habitual that you wouldn't have to decide'd just do it automatically.
I know I need to start doing that I have herd about that but didn't even give it a try. so after this post that is what I am going to do.

As crazy as it may sound I am looking forword in putting one foot infrot of the other and start to Build Good Habits.

I pray and come to you thank you, for putting this on my heart. I ask Lord to help me build better habbits then I have right now. As you know were my weekness is I just pray that you help me to build them so they can become strong with in my self and in you as well. Thank you father for always reaching down and picking me up. Allowing me to go threw what I need to get threw so I can continue to put one foot in front of the other. I know father that you know that I don't always make the right choices. Father you are so pashiont with me in my struggles and when I don't turn to you and ask for your forgiveness. Thank you father for all you have done.

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