Trust, Faith, and Hope in the Lord. He will set you free!
I know I haven't been right with God for a long time. I have to be putting God first before anything happends in my life or even before I take my frist step of the day. But I sit on my counch typing a message on my blog looking around in between my typing of my words thinking I need to clean my place. But I need to sit down and read my bible, spend time with God ect. I am guilty of not doing that. I would be going to be cleaning because if I sit down and read or spend time with God my mind wonders off on what lays in front of me.

With that, I am struggling to brake free from my addction, I know if I spend more time with God that could be a different story. I know it could help me. But I don't and I know I should be.

I was doing good for few days I started doing a bible study that was easyish to do but then I got side tracked and just forgot about it. That was the same with reading the daily devoishon. I know I have been putting my own needs first and that isn't how a Christian life works. I have reached out and yet spoken to ppl about this but again nothing has happened.

Back of my mind I start to think ok what happends if God call's me home and He asked me question, such as this Why haven't you spent time with me and reading my word in the bible? You know something I don't have the answer for that question.

I know to if I just give in wanting to M and view P would be all gone for the time being and I know I don't have to think about it. Like I am thinking about M after I wright this post. I know there is one secret that has brought up and I know I am fighting to keep away from my mind but knock on wood it has happen.

Anyway I am thinking of taking some stuff down because when I view my sight it looks to much on my sight.
I think with the info on self-harm I may take down, and I may post on my blog bible virse of the day ect... and maybe I will post my personal message on my blog ever few days. I don't know.

I wish I could end this blog to keep your eyes on the Lord he will get you threw what you need to get threw but for me I haven't been doing that.

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