Trust, Faith, and Hope in the Lord. He will set you free!
I have two choices right now on how to handle of wanting to act on a sinfulway.

My choices are simply lade out for me.
Should I view Porn/Masturbation and give in to the temptation or feeling the need to act upon it. I will look at it in a negative way and how it will turn out. I would feel quite bummed  out because I acted upon the temptation,I would feel up set and down on my self ect.


Positive way would say no, pray to God, rebuke satan, bible, sing Gods songs ect...until I know all of this pass.
The out come of me saying no to satan. Is a wonderful feeling because it left me feeling wonderful about my self, I have bounce in my step, I don't feel angry ect...

Its not an easy choice to pick when one is started out on trying to break free from their addiction. I never did see the positive side of saying no and how I felt at the end. That is because satan had me seeing the negative side of all this and it clouded my own judgment of how to handle it. Thanks to God he opened my eyes on how to handle this.

If you are not were I am you will get there, it takes time. For me my friends I am not 100 % free from this addiction. It will always be part of my life a fight to stay away.


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