Trust, Faith, and Hope in the Lord. He will set you free!

I pray this morning to you not just for me but for women and yet men who get couht up with internet porn and masturbation. There are so many women and men who struggle to break free and is having a hard time doing so. I pray that this website will give some hope for those who are looking for help and some hope along the way. Give them the streath and help them find their way out.

I know father that it can be frustrating to find the help that is needed or yet they are scard to such for help. When they do find help they are afraid to come forward in telling someone. For me father you have led me to a person who you knew I could trust and can help me. Please do the same for those who are in need of help. With out help that is needed they turn to harming them selfs because they just want all the pain to go away. I know for me it was not about selfharming it was food and yet getting drunk. I know it just covers up what I or we want to be gone in our lives.

So father please use this websight and me to reach out to others.

In this I pray Amen.


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