Trust, Faith, and Hope in the Lord. He will set you free!
I thought I could help others with their own recovery or trying to get them their. But I found out that I was slipping back to were I fought to stay way from for so long and worked hard to get my self to recovery. Until I thought I could help someone to get well but wile I was doing that I forgot my own recovery and now I am struggling to get that back. I found out to that I am not strong enough to help others. I guess you can say it is or has been an eye opener for me.

This person who I was trying to get help I failed in helping her. I hope she will continue to find help a Christian councillor who has true training in this area. I hope that she stops telling non Christian people who don't have degree on this area that she needs help.

I just wish I could but all of this is still to fresh in my mind. I also struggle with my own Christian life as a child of God and I know that if my struggle with that would be less my recovery would be stronger.

I am trying not to be up set or felt left down when people say that they will be countable parter they do not check in with me. But yet I haven't even spoken to them with my struggles. I wonder why.

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