Trust, Faith, and Hope in the Lord. He will set you free!
Well I thought I would come and wright few things what has been going on since my last post of July 10th. I was away for a wile. I needed time out with what is going on. I have spoken to my pastor of what bible study would be easy for me to do on my own wile I Waite for the fall. He gave me a book to work threw and I was doing good until I just stopped for know resin. But I will get back in to doing it tonight. Wile I was doing that it was good because I didn't think about my addiction to internet P or yet Masturbation. I was little busy with doing things with my dog, volunteering were I live in a group home for those who can't live on their own and yet now I am getting my dog to come with me to help out as well. Its great to help other people because it get's my mind off my own problem. I do know that is not aperient fixed but it helps.

I am single, I know that family members are getting married or got engaged, or starting a family of their own. I found that very hard but now to me it is not really matters to much to me. but I hope in time God will put my path and someone (guy) to be my husband. For now I have to be ok with that until that time comes and right now I can't fill that empty space of viewing P and M. In some time that will come to and end and I don't have to. If you know what I mean, but that is not my resin to be married. I have though of why would one want to get married or be with someone. Because sometimes the marriage ends up being prity junky, or just not falling in love with the person and just end up getting hurt at the end. Is it better to be lonely and not being hurt. I know its not all like that all the time but most of that stuff out there happens.

Will see what happens and what God see's fit for me. So in the mean time I am taking one day at a time, trying to stay on track of my journey with walking to words God not away from him.

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