Trust, Faith, and Hope in the Lord. He will set you free!
Last night I have decided to tackle Setting Capture Free program again and one of the programs there that I want to do is Mentor Ship and one of them I really want to do is " Way of Purity/Door of Hope". For my understanding I have to take a course before I do that and it is called The Way of Purity. It is 60 day course I have tried to do it once before but got frustrated with it. This time, before I start I am going to ask God to help me get threw it and to be with me as I try to do it for 60 days. See what happens.

Yes Its free to do, and it is something that I wanted to do for wile but just sat it to a side. Why I want to do this because P and M is a big problem for women and yet men out there. My fouse right no is for women out there. More of this junk is out there and yet free (some) women and men will continue to be drawn to it. I know yet my self got cought up in it and is still facing the challenge not to fall for satan bait. In some ways I am kinda nervise if things don't turn out or not what I should be doing I can pull out anytime I want.

There is just so many women out there who are seeking help but not sure were to turn or yet scard to look, and yet trust someone with knowing what they got them selfs in to. I know I am greatful that the Lord sent someone who I could trust about my addction and with other things.

So now at this time I feel it is time for me to return the help that I got for someone else.


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