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I was thinking that I would come out and tell my parents about my addiction but I wasn't to sure if I should or not so I asked a friend of mine who I trust and know who wouldn't judge me. This is what she had to say...
"What concerns me is that they may, or at least one of them may, attempt to use that to further control you. Maybe one day when you are sure that you no longer even feel the temptation, and are certain that you are free of it then it may be safe to tell them.  As long as you have someone that you trust who knows and is not judgmental, but an encourager to you then that is all you need.  I think that your addiction has a lot to do with the lack of closeness and intimate trust that you have desired to have with that one parent who never really gave that to you, is a lot of the reason that you became addicted to substitute for what you were lacking in

My own words: You know something She was or I should say IS right it had to do with lack of closeness and  intimate trust ect... that I never got. That is just few reasons why I had become addicted to internet P and M.

She continues on saying "I am just concerned that your willingness to trust you parents with that might
cause them to judge you harshly and use it against you.  We need to be careful  who we trust with the darkest parts of us.  When you are strong enough in your  recovery and don\t give a hoot what other people think including your folks then you will be able to tell them without suffering any adverse effects of their reaction to it."

My own words: Yet again she was right they would judge me and would use it against me. Yet we do need to be careful who we trust. Until then I will just have to keep it to my self until I am strong enough in my recovery and don't care who I tell. I may not want to tell them I may just keep it to my self. I don't even know why they need to know. I am glad I told my friend that is what I wanted to say to my parents but thank God it never happened.

It is just 9 15pm and I am ready for bed my eyes can't stay open any longer.


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