Trust, Faith, and Hope in the Lord. He will set you free!
I sat in front of my lap top and I was typing out my prayer to God this morning and I was almost done. Then I lost everything. Now I don't even remember what I typed out. I just hope that what I said God herd everything.

Its just been crazy last few days and I do know why and I just have to figerout what I am going to do and how I am going to deal with it. I think that is the same thing as trying to figer out what I am going to do is. Oh well its not a big deal if I said the same thing twice but in a different way.

Nothing has changed for me since the last few post as I have posted. So in someway there is no point of even doing a post.
Because I cant say what I want to say to help those who do read my post and not even lission to my own advise. What good example is that for others. I could not come forward with this but it is not being truthful from my part.

If people are getting discardged or feeling down to my last few post. I am not going to apologies for that because that is how I am feeling and I am trying to be real hear and not hid be hind my words or how I feel. I am only human and I do get lost from time to time and seeking a friendly hand to left me up to be my countable person who I can call up and say hay I am struggling with this or with that. But that is one of my struggles is coming forward in doing so. Just depends who and what it is.

It is still early maybe today will be

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