Trust, Faith, and Hope in the Lord. He will set you free!
I am only human and attend to fall from time to time. But I do question only one thing. I know I have and understand that I have or had better option on how to handle it. I could have not done it or prayed, or say no and yet I chosen to say yes. I wish I could pick up the phone and say hey I want to M but I don't want to and I need help. How does one bring that up. So I just did what I did last night and it is over with and done.

I really do kick my self in the can for getting my self in to this stuff and just wish it would be gone. It is so easy to get hocked but it is harder to get unhooked.  With viewing P I am easily to say no or walk away but when it comes down to M it is different story. I just wish I could have some support in this area. I thought I had but it seams like the support that I thought isn't my support. I know people attend to get busy but if they say they will check up on how things are going they should. I know I have support back in my old home town but that is 5 hrs away to get support. I wish I could have support that is closer to me.

I know I can get my support from God, and I know he can help me with my struggle but what I would like is to have human support.

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